Saturday, November 24, 2007

Last flames in France

France's pictorial cancellations have been disappearing little by little these 2000s. We knew it for months. Late 2007... 2008 maybe, these flammes will be extincted.

I have two registered letter to send these past two weeks. It is a - expensive and unsure - way to find one of the last flames :

Some post offices are still cancelling registered letter receipt with their usual inflammed machines.

But, before you burn your 5 euros banknotes at the post office to send registered mail, watch that the famous esoteric codes are already here (here the 11868A ; the receipt was signed in Lille) :

Who will find the last use of this kind of pictorial cancellations of France ?

Updates (25 November 2007) :
Yvon Nouazé reminds me that one element on these receipt are objects of questioning on the Blog philatélie : FRIM code on the upper right corner (cinq barres et FRAB) that may indicate to the mail sorting machine how the adress is written.

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