Saturday, February 28, 2009

Festival of stamp in Montpellier

I did not want to go to the Festival of stamp, the French La Poste's and French philatelist associations' day to promote philately. This year, the Looney Tunes were bought to aim this objective (financial for La Poste, public relations for local associations). Personally, the topic, the many forms of sales don't interest me this year. But, I went invited by Yvon Nouazé, author of the Oblitération mécanique en France. He was there to help the Montpellier Philatelic Association which organized the event.

It is difficult to deviate the flux of people coming from or to the commercial Comédie Plazza to the Polygone commercial center, and direct them to the Meeting Room of the City Hall. But, the 11H30 drink and appetizers and some games helped attract kids and teenagers with their parents. The atmosphere was far from the 2007 Stamp Festival in Paris where the firstdayers were filling the place to buy and buy without hunger while the youth activities on the first floor were quite deserted despite the large spaces on a Saturday morning.

In regions, another play: two dealers of Montpellier and two from Paris, collections exhibited and really appreciated by visitors, actual games to be won. Thank to Mister Nouazé, I discover the collection I had to see: a display of postal registered stationeries from the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II reign, from the Tudor's Rose and the Machin designs.

One cloud: a woman complained of the price a dealer is currently selling sheets from the Siècle au fil du timbre series and she be struck by the dealer's advice to use them on mail. More money to be done like that than reselling them. When do some understand that to collect is a pleasure. If they want to make money, you shall not accumulate everything blindly.

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