Friday, September 25, 2009

Electoral duty on patriotic cancellation

In Germany, pictorial cancellations promote the political life of the country.

This postmark announces the federal legislative elections in Germany on Sunday 27 September 2009 („Bundestagswahl 27.09.09“). The sentence under the ticked round may tell "Each vote counts" as the verb zählen means to count. This cancellation was applied in mail center number 54, sorting mail of the Western part of Rhineland-Palatinate Land.

In Germany, voters tick their vote on a long ballot on which parties are listed on two columns (example). Each citizen has got two votes: one for a local member of parliament elected and one for a correcting proportional list suffrage. In conclusion, each party can be represented while electors can have a known parlementary figure to turn to.

When could this healthy mission of public service be done in France by La Poste and its competitors?

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