Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A postal video game from Britain

On 6th of March 2014 Merge Games has been distributing Post Master, a new video game by Excalibur Publishing, a British company specialised in the creation of simulation games. The game is available on dvd-rom or on Steam platform.

The goal: to be the manager of a postal network in a growing city, fix the rates, hire post(wo)men, buy vehicles, open new offices, etc.

In its bi-monthly edition of March 15th, French ironic magazine Canard PC published a critic of Post Master. The player-critic, Guy Moquette, imagined at first he could have done what postal operators have done to all of us at least once: "close the last desk at 4 pm on the dot and show a contemptuous smile to clients queuing for two hours", "give the order to postmen to take only prefilled notice of missed delivery" and not the correspondent heavy packages to save gas, and so on.

His satisfaction was short: to a seasoned gamer like him, the proposed postal simulation was not very audacious, quite simple to manage.

To a philatelist, a stamp collector, an amateur of postal mechanics, discover every secret and possibility of such a game would take more time.

The downloadable version is priced at ten pounds sterling by the distributor. At your own risk or at your satisfaction to do better than Royal Mail and La Poste.

Since the French version of this article, video tests of Post Master were published on youTube:
- example 1 ;
- example 2.

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