Sunday, November 29, 2015

Slow news week #2015.48 on SébPhilatélie

A slow news (and low free time) week for SébPhilatélie.

Monday, November 23rd: eradicate copper-platted coins again an again.
John Oliver of  channel HBO's Last Week Tonight promoted the end of the expensive pennies... echoing many other news report in the United States and even the European Union with the euro cents. Translated here during the week.

Tuesday, November 24th: public postal services facing high level of criticism when trying to act toward profitability.
A French association of consumers and a British liberal weekly magazine bashed the postal service, respectively of France and the United States. While trying to find ideas to become profitable, both companies are under critics.

La Poste because its rates get higher and higher while UFC - Que choisir association finds the services rendered are not as good as expected: mail delivery D+2 encouraged instead of D+1, a mess to understand the parcel rates,...

The Economist reminded the traps the USPS is caught in because it depends completely on the United States (Republican) Congress to be allowed to do new things... or to be forced to some accounting rules, far more heavy than the private sector.

Wednesday, November 25th: more utopian banknotes on Amazon TV.
Last week, Amazon, the website that sells anything, issued the final episodes of the first season of its pay-per-view series, The Man in the High Castle, inspired after Philip K. Dick's novel. The plot is scary: what if the Axis won World War Two... and very scary when you begin to wonder if the fiction is not the mirror of our own history.

Many press and amateur articles can be found on the merits and flaws of the series: success to create a story as complex to understand as the novel, a non logical heroin among a very unresisting Resistance, the mystery on how the uchronic films appeared, or the problem of Amazon Studio to manage the correct translation of Japenese and German languages, etc.

For the sake of my blogs, a Nazi America one dollar bill was filmed during one of the episodes, but no stamps or mail.

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