Thursday, March 03, 2016

Lego Architecture sends postcards from Venice

Today, the LEGO Facebook page in French republished one of the holiday postcards promoting one of the new Lego Architecture collection box by the colored brick firm.
The postcard is finely stamped but ill-cancelled in Venice (from the brand's Facebook page in French).
Created in 2008, the architecture series let you built monuments and famous buildings from the whole world, aims at an adult public and perfectly decorated a living room or a home library.

Box 21026 recreates the monumental skyline of Venice, Italy's lovers and carnival city, put alongside each other from piazza San Marco to the Rialto bridge. The latter in Lego replaced the real one on the promoting postcard pictured above.
The stamp used by Lego (already seen here).
On the back, the card is franked with a World Heritage Venice stamp of 2007, engraved by Antonio Ciaburro, with a striking view of the Rialto.

Two other monuments are so philatelically illustrated on the Lego Architecture Facebook page: the campanile and the basilica.

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