Saturday, September 10, 2016

Stamps in 'The West Wing' tv series

Ten years ago last May the final episode of The West Wing was broadcasted in the United States. Created by Aaron Sorkin, it tolds the daily work of a fictionous democrat president. It was a pedagogic work to explain the theory and practice of the federal republic... especially as it was on during the adventurous and teapartyist mandates of George Walker Bush.
The White House Chief of Staff alarmed by her Blackberry at the beginning of 365 Days during the 6th season of The West Wing (2005, screen capture of the French DVD edition).
On the philatelic side, I have already written in March 2007 on the episode Galileo of the second season during which political adviser Josh Lyman discovered the selection process of the U.S. philatelic program, with the inequalities between the 50 states and the territories, like Puerto Rico, in the background.

Yesterday evening my eyes were intrigued by the déjà vu feeling from C.J. Cregg's clothes in the 12th episode of the 6th season, 365 Days ; an episode on the blues of the final presidential year.

Squinting my eyes in the second scene with the character (screen capture), the light went up: a black t-shirt with classical postage stamps of Queen Victoria for sure. Perhaps from Edward VII and George V reigns... Even royal effigy and arms of other European monarchies.

Of course such a detail is difficult to check on Google eleven and a half years afterwards: What forums' archives should be explored? Did a philatelic magazine catch it then? How to find the designer from one single piece of cloth?


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