Saturday, February 04, 2017

Postal history: Etihad Museum's inaugural exhibition

Saturday January 7th 2017 the Etihad Museum opened in Dubai, a national museum on the history of the United Arab Emirates before and after their unification in 1971.

Managed by Dubai's Culture Authority, its contemporain architectural building is a neighbour of the one where six emirates signed their union (the seventh joined the next year) putting an end to the British protectorate.
Visit the postal exhibit and zoom in the introductory text in English and Arab thank to Many items can be seen by wandering the room: click on the green marks (beware: flying inside the pictures with a computer mouse is ultra-sensitive. Airsickness in view).
The first temporary exhibition until April 30th is the postal history of the emirates and their first stamps from 1909 mail to the 1971 independence.

A beautiful achievement for Abdullah Koory, President of the Emirates Philatelic Association, created 1996, who is sharing his impressive collection.

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