Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week #2017.11 on SébPhilatélie

Tuesday 14 March: vaudeville at the French Stamp Festival.
I had a little bit of theatrical fun with the French organised philately this week: the Federation of Associations and the Dealers Union accidentally (?) put events in competition the same week-end on the 11 and 12 March...

Wednesday 15 March: the works of The London Philatelist editors in chief.
Next July the journal of the Royal Philatelic Society London will have a new editor: Finnish lady Seija-Riitta Laakso will succeed Steve Jarvis.

The latter is a specialist of Jamaica who launched with Derek Sutcliffe in the 1990s an Encyclopedia of Jamaican Philately. Four volumes have been published, a website gathers documents and articles.

A research book by Laakso was published by the University of Helsinki in 2006: Across the Oceans. Development of Overseas Business Information Transmission 1815-1875, available in English àon the website of the University. More than 300 pages putting postal history into context.

Saturday 18 March: end-of-catalogues at the Stamp Festival exhibition in Montpellier.
At the first Stamp Festival back in late Winter, the Philatelic Association of Montpellier proposed a level-1 competitive exhibition and fourteen free collections.

I presented a few items that intrigued me along my way through the frames, mostly from stamps and usage found at the end of the French catalogues: fiscally used, service label, French occupation of Germany 1918-1919.
Classical view of Montpellier town center: place of the Comédie 1891, overprinted 1902 (Michel Rettgen collection, Fête du timbre, Montpellier, 11-12 March 2017).
And one commercial postcard of 1890s Montpellier's central place: The Comédie, overprinted a dozen years after to mark a baloon flight in the region.

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