Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mediterranean Games

Here is an idea of topical collection, certainly not easy to start, but I think it can be quite unique : Mediterrean Games.

These are sort of little Olympic regional games, happening every four years, opened to sportmen and women from african, asian and european countries around the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas.

The first collecting object I have got about these games is a 20 francs coin of 1993 issued at the time of the Games in Languedoc-Roussillon. The coin were sold at their facial value at the Crédit agricole bank counters.

Then, it's the chance inside parisian dealer's boxes of stamps. I found this stamp of Yugoslavia issued for the 1979 Games in Split. Yvert et Tellier catalogue explains that users had to put this stamp on all their mail during a certain time in 1979. I can only awkardly transcript the designer's name : A. Milyénkoviya.

The three circles refleting themselves on the sea line are the Mediterranean Games' brand. The next Games will take place in 2009 in Pescara, Italy. Official site :

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