Sunday, September 30, 2007

Promoting the philatelic program of France

For many years, Phil@poste (formerly the National Service for Postal Stamps) has been distributing semestrial flyers to announce next issues and their first day sellings.

The front page is the reproduction of one of the stamp to come.

Clients of Phil@poste received them regularly. The others can find them at the philatelic post offices (one per département) or during first day happenings.

This one is the 2007 second semester flyer illustrated by the next stamp about the space exploration. The first day will happen this 4 October, 50 years after Spoutnik 1 reached Earth orbit.

Postage stamp as an object of propaganda : 0,85 € on a light letter (0-20 gramms) can show the world the engines of the European Space Agency.

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