Saturday, September 15, 2007

Intrusive bar-code

To send a postcard and imagine the destinator profit a beutiful view of your journey, is some time more a matter of faith than simple confidence in the postal service. I wrote about the Royal Mail's radical picturesque sticker to make you understand your sender was cheap on rates.

The automatization of mail sorting brings me another example, on a card from the United States, thank to a Postcrossing exchange.

Prudent and respectuous of its buyers and the U.S. Postal Service, the publisher Penrod/Hiawatha of Michigan let a blank space at the bottom right. There, the room is large enough for any Postnet bar-code the USPS want to print. But, here, as you can see, it has remained blank.

Blank because, the USPS maculated the view of Mackinac Bridge with a sticker for its Postnet bar-code... The bridge connects the two peninsulas forming the State of Michigan.

I ask : can not anyone invent a machine whose postal users are intelligent enough to cancel and print bar-code on the same side ?

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