Saturday, October 13, 2007

Christian Beslu

Christian Beslu, here is a relatively unknown person, but everywhere when I look back on my last five years of reading articles about French Polynesian philately.

In Timbres magazine, an article about mini-sheets and booklets issued by the Posts and Telecommunications Office of this French oversea territory, signed : Christian Beslu.

The presentation of a new Polynesian stamp issue, signed : Christian Beslu.

An old document illustrates this stamp, collection of origin : Christian Beslu's.

Finally today, a litterary site about islands taught me more about this collector ( Beslu was a technical documentalist at French firm Thomson, then at the Atomic Energy Office, that makes France a civil and military nuclear power. This post made him live in Polynesia since the 1960s, because the French nuclear testing site was on the Muruo atoll. I understand better his historic knowledge and rich documentation about French Polynesia that Beslu has been sharing with collectors for decades now.

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