Sunday, October 14, 2007

Clever first day card from Australia

Often, during first day ceremonies, postal administrations, collectors associations and philatelic publisher sell first day postal card, whose illustration matches the stamp and its cancellation.

But, if you want to send one of those cards to someone, you have to add another stamps because the original one is already cancelled.

Recently I received through Postcrossing this card :

First day card of September 10th 1998 for the bicentenary of Tasmanian coast exploration by George Bass.

On the other side, you discover that this card is a stationery permitting a worldwide expedition from Australia.

I miss the price of such a first day stationery : is it less or more expensive than the typical first day card? Yet, it is the proof that some postal administrations remember that some collectors dare to use philatelic items in a vulgar postal way.

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