Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Second DVD for TV Timbres

The second DVD inspired by TV Timbres is delivered to its first buyers. Its price compared to its length is in proportion of independent movies that won't be hardsold at 4.99 € in six months.

(from Timbres magazine website)

Two parts. The first one is centered around Jacqueline Caurat and the former television show she did with her husband Jacques Mancier, Télé-philatélie then Philatélie-club. A to be continued... at the end announced a next episode.

Bought at high price to the National Audiovisual Institute, French organization responsible for archiving all French radio and television shows, here is an index of the pictures and excerpts of the show you can see in this DVD interview:
1. artist Jean Cocteau drawing his Marianne stamp design with Caurat's lipstick;
2. an example of exhibition visited by the show (one of the railway philatelists);
3. pictures of Cocteau and Dalí;
4. engraver Albert Decaris told how he came to stamp designing in 1933;
5. actor Yul Brynner told how he work at stamps to rest from his movie day work;
6. Prime Minister Jacques Chirac opening Arphila 75 in Paris. Caurat asked him questions about the place of modern art on stamps;
7. the auction sales aboard the Queen Mary in 1966;
8. the philatelic exhibition aboard the France for the philatelic exhibition of Montréal in 1967;
9. pictures of press documents and of the show;
10. part of Prince Rainier III of Monaco about the respective places of classic and modern arts on stamps... with a conclusion in favor of intaglio printing (Timbres magazine supports the association Art du timbre gravé).

After that, let's visit the Musée de La Poste, in Paris. The first report today's Caurat visiting the temporary exhibition War and Post that will be closed on 15 March 2008 (hurry up!). The second report by Gauthier Toulemonde is a commented visit of the permanent exhibits of the museum. Finally, a slide shows postal and philatelic historic objects: from pre-philatelic letters to mail art by French soldiers.

About the cost of INA's archives video that editor-in-chief Toulemonde spoke about in his March 2008 opening letter, I think a mobilisation by philatelists would not be useless : here is the result of a research with the word "philatélie" at INA website (0 on 5 March 2008, "timbre" directed only at vocal art).

Good viewing.

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