Thursday, March 06, 2008

I am the Doctor

Refreshing discovery in London: there is more than philately in a stamp dealer's life. Before I told you my visit to Stanley Gibbons, the British philatelic publisher of reference, let's cross the Strand and go at the shop just in front. We are near Trafalgar Square.

Here is The Stamp Centre, whose front glass present all kind of st... hmm... all Doctor Who dedicated. Doctor Who is the classical science-fiction television series of Britain since the 1960, and is reborn in 2005 under the pen of Russell T. Davies. In the shop, one of the two gentlemen is pleased to be efficient by bringing these two different topics together.

For the Doctor, you can find plastic characters, cards, collectibles and some seasons on DVD, and the Royal Mail postcard reproducing a 1999 stamp. It represents a Dalek, one of the many ennemies of the unamed Doctor, photographed by Lord Snowdon.

For the philatelic part of the shop, British stamps are in majority and recent first day covers. The website announces more important periodical sales.

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