Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One hundred year late commercial

On this day of April 2008, French television operator, CanalSat, delivered a very postal commercial in the papers... even if its details are very strange.

That the free three months offer was presented in an enveloppe, ok: how many of this mail do we receive each week?

That it is franked with a cinderella stamp reproducing how CanalSat pictured its channels, normal: to put a competitor's logotype would have been very hazardous to the success of the operation.

The cancellation speaks true. It reminds me how International Postal Supply Company's machines (located then in New York) cancelled mail. The presence of an "R" in the flame concords with what I read in the sixth chapter of Yvon Nouazé's book L'Oblitération mécanique en France.

However, the letter would have came from the United States and cancelled on 14 September 1907. This miraculous invitation is conclusively delivered one hundred and a half year after been posted... Either CanalSat is a precursor, or a belater, am I wondering while typing this message and watching television at the same time thank to my own internet operator.

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