Friday, April 11, 2008

Promoting the Salon du timbre

The Salon du timbre (every two years in Paris since 2004) is named Planète timbres this year (Stamps Planet). It will take place between the 14th and 22th June 2008 at the Parc floral, near the Castle of Vincennes (East of Paris).

How can you get people to come? When you open between 10am to 6pm when people are working... Not a problem if you only aimed at retired collectors ? In Paris, a discussion I heard at a stamp dealer's shop seems to indicate that the needy part of the corporation does not believe in the Salon's possibilities to make commerce (they even manage the same lot at the Salon).

Then, there are the school boys and girls that masters has to occupy in this end of school year, when the programs are (nearly) completed and note sheets already printed... motivation of the young is waving.

Hopefully arrives in the Francilien schools and high schools this cover:

... with the Salon du timbre's program of activities opened to groups of children.

The most intriguing: no franking appears on this cover. Or the "Prioritary Letter" logotype strangely played this role.

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