Tuesday, December 30, 2008

France 2008...

Little game to end the year: what remains of the philatelic program of France, in the end, outside the check list published each month in the French magazines?

Definitive stamp specialists were enjoyed in their research on philatelic printing in France at the beginning of the 21st century: with the last of the Marianne des Français series and the new Marianne of Nicolas, they have lots of new material to understand better how Phil@poste Boulazac, La Poste's printing plant, works.

The Megaloceros stamp, in the Nature series, was to be remarked: the only non-definitive stamp to bear a 0.65 euro denomination for a simple letter to the European Union. The 0.55 euro value climbed on the first march of the podium, a march as high as a skyscraper compared to the few 0.85 euro issued thank to joint issues.

The unprogrammed stamp for the States-Generals of the Mediterranean, wished by our Sovereign in July 2008, permitted to a investigative blogger to let know how Phil@poste created stamps, published in Timbres magazine and Blog philatélie. I thank though La Poste to inform the Gard inhabitants of the danger of the submersion of coastal regions by the seas in a speculative future.

If I add the closed world of Philatelists (the ones with a big P), I told of the ingratitude of the Grand Award of the Philatelic Art (whose composition I have not discovered yet...) againt the recorded libraries for blind people, created by Valérie Besser, yet a important social topic. Personally, I would have give this :( to the 50 years of the 195 Constitution stamp, not counting lots of agencies' pictures put on soulless stamps (except the Summer Hollidays booklet)...

But, for another history of France stamp, inspiration was with the designer to recall the Great War. Thanks to Patrice Serres.

Let's talk artists. French collectors discoveres foreign talented artists with the joint issues: Francis Back engraved by Jorge Peral for the Foundation of Quebec and the landscapes by Mrs. Vu Kim Lien for Viet Nam. Despite not being a fan, the Best Wishes booklet let fourteen artists-students be known on Phil@poste's now-prefered philatelic product to the general public.

More positive for the philatelist world, the militantism of Raphaël Livnat gave birth to the aeropostal join issue with Israel.

To end 2008 (for now), as a gift in its big questionning-election of stamp award , Phil@poste estimated the value of 2008 stamp collection at one hundred and fifty euros.

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