Thursday, December 25, 2008

Quick! Let's stamp champions

With the 2000s, the sport champions of the year knew their quick stamping by their countries' post offices. Without upgrading to the Australian and the Chinese People's Republic sprints for their gold medal last Summer, the British media wondered recently if Royal Mail will stamp Lewis Hamilton, the 2008 Formula 1 world champion.

The topic is not frivolous, you see, even in a country where the Royal Family members are the sole living people on postage stamps. First, because some consider - foolish conception - that this F1 activity is a sport. Then, because the idea did not come from philatelists, but from the general media. Finally, with the movie posters and the James Bond and Harry Potter novels, Royal Mail may have...

But what to answer on BBC Radio Wales about this hypothesis of a non-programmed stamp for 2009 when you are Stamp Magazine's editor-in-chief? Guy Thomas explained it in the January 2009 issue: first of all, take profit of these three minutes to talk philately to a great number of Welsh people.

As today, Royal Mail had not answer the question.

The post of Finland was less scrupulous with the previous champion, Kimi Räikkönnen.

A minisheet with two first class stamps (0.80 euro each): the victorious pilot and his car.

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