Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don't panic

Less activities here this week, and less pictures for some times. My computer is striking without evident cause, but the lack of staruping... The old rusty back up plan was reintegrated to full power, understand full power of his 6 years... an eternity in computering.

But, you have many blogs to read:
How many ways do you have to sort Machin stamps? It is the game on the MachinMania. I found twenty-one ways, even twenty-two if... Answers previewed for next week.

Eric du Jura found why the La Poste and the French members of Parliament had been postponing all the way they could the competition on all mail: 52 eurocents to send a simple letter worldwide from Germany!!! You post it at a private operator contracted to TNT. The postal rate war will be ugly... if it wants to arrive in France and other countries.

Pierre Jullien begins the photographic report of the gala dinner of the prestigious first exhibition (and prestige sale) of the Club philatélique de l'Élysée.

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