Saturday, March 14, 2009

Club philatélique de l'Élysée

With the catalogue of Boule's 92th sale by order, we learn more on this recent philatelic association, that made London newspapers waste ink on one of its members.

Created during Spring 2008, it was localised at the 17 George-V avenue, in Paris. The new adress of the Dallay catalogue became Maury by Armand Rousso's graces... Could this club be one of this philatelic businessman's operations?

One of the first pages and the last one of the Boule 10 April 2009 sale catalogue gives a new adress: "10 rue de la Frange Batelière", in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. If we put aside the typo (Grange), it is the adress of Boule's shop in Paris, near the philatelic Drouot street. And the same telephone number.

What is this page announcing : a prestigious philatelic exhibition from Thursday 21 to Sunday 24 May 2009, Ascension week-end in France. "Presentation of exceptional collections never seen in France yet." With the presence of fifteen dealers, the philatelic press and a first day of sale on the 23 with the "Chocolate" stamp.

The place: the Pavillon Gabriel on the avenue of the same name. Reception and TV show's recording are the main activities of the place. You can see it while wandering on this street, parallel to the Champs-Élysées and the gardens of high-security places: the United States, Japan and United Kingdom's embassies and, of course, the palace of the Presidency of the French Republic. As the page recalls, the Paris stamp market, the Carré Marigny, is very near (300 meters).

The location, the date (is it the chosen week-end for the 4 days of Marigny?): an essay to dynamise the Carré Marigny? It would need to know the relations between this market association, the Club and the dealers present in the pavilion.

The prestige (bling-bling?): to want Paris to become a philatelic place attracting more-than-rich collectors like the Elite Club in Monaco or the auction traditions in London?

The press euphory in Great Britain: communication to prepare the Anglo-Saxon businessmen to forget shares for postage stamps while the stock exchanges are on fire?

Next episode in the next tabloid? With pictures of Nico and #3 at the gala dinner on 22? Yeah, coco, mistery of the press releases.

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