Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Finnish drops of Valentine's Day

Drops of Happiness (Onnen pisaroita) was the topic for the Valentine issue of Posti, Finland's postal operator (the issue on the official website / on the WADP Numbering System).

The design is in the line of the work of her author, Janine Rewell (do not trust the complete white main page).

Issued with other four stamps on a brilliant sheet (in black on the scan), big was the surprise to see that kind of stamps on my mail. A big change compared to the meters and classical commemoratives.

With a better renderinf og the colors (Posti) and
for the brilliant see the picture by Éric du Jura.

Received late May 2009 thank to Postcrossing, the postcard was not cancelled. Many hypothesis:
- chance error ;
- the card format - a big fourteen centimeter square - may trouble the machine and, by economy, avoid the human check and handcancellation ;
- a dream: to saveguard the brillant testimony of Valentine, the mail bearing this stamp had not to be touched by ink...
- a nightmare: this stamp is systematicly uncancelled to avoid breaking the cancelling machines.

In France, since 2000, tailors and fashion creators multiplies the heart shape stamps. In fact, when a personalised stamp in that shape?

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