Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Back to optimism and futility: be philatelist

And hop, to be light again and let's sail to Bermuda... (stereotyped music of the Pacific isles) Isles with an encharming name in the Northern Atlantic when Autumn is planting tent in the Southern of France... And one of the British overseas tax havens.

In March 2009, the Bermuda Monetary Authority introduced new banknotes for the four hundreds years of the long last installation of Britishmen and slaves on the site. Yes, a sort of definitive note series with a commemorative first day of issue.

How to use these notes has got many likenesses with all the overwhelming issuance policy of many philatelic services and agencies in the world. To make it simple, one dollar of Bermuda plus cost is worth around one dollar of the United States of America, near-by provider of green notes which usuaully migrate with businessmen, their lawyers, their bankers or people on vacation. The United States dollar is accepted everywhere, but the problem begins if the change is given to you in the local currency. The latter can be used or changed only in the archipelago. Either you spend them or you make a changing office happy.

The Nature and Machin side of a new twenty dollar note
(blog Banknote News, 28 March 2009).

Why am I, right now, interesting in these far away notes?

No, not because of the frog (one of the human-brought-them species). You are confusing with Eric's blog.

Look weel... yes, there!

Below the ocean, the islands-profile hologram, the frog!!

Left bottom!!!

YESSSSSSSSSS: the magnificent effigy of Her Majesty by Arnold Machin.

The new set of banknote is more modern in design and the queen's portrait was disminished to the cameo size it has on the commemorative stamps of the United Kingdom. And the Machin effigy can do that very well without hurting the Monarchy.

The Architecture without Machin side
(blog Banknote News, 28 mars 2009).

On the other side, a little more of fauna and flora, and an historical architectural element of the territory.

Thanks to the Banknote News blog that illustrated with specimen images when the official issuer shows nothing.

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