Sunday, April 03, 2016

Week #2016.13 on SébPhilatélie

Monday 28 March: the end of La Poste UK.
When you are a Stamp Magazine subscriber in France, receive it brings you a contemporary post paid printed sheet. Since January 2015 the British subsidiary of the French and Swiss posts served the magazine to France under a return address "La Poste UK"...

But this brand stopped 2012 when it become Asendia after the merger with the Swiss and some British marketing mail managers. By March 2016, the return address is finally corrected.

Wednesday 30 March: An Post's museum and Easter Rising Centenary event.
Part of the stories into RTÉ, the public radio and television network of Ireland, latest documentary on the Great Post Office of Dublin is the building and opening of  a new cultural place to celebrate the Easter Rising of 1916.

Witness History, that's the place, is now open and its website live.

And don't forget the Postal Museum and Archive, located in the same building.

Thursday 31 March: Postcrossing and the beautiful cancellation.
For a decade now, the cancellation by the French post are inkjet printed and do no more display any places: nor the place of mailing, neither the sorting plant...
Posted in Béziers... or 24585A. Promise!
If you want traditional round cancel, you need to send a parcel, stick stamps on it and hope for a postal-able postal clerk: an example.
Received through Postcrossing, a French born most famous Indian entepreneur and aviator, J.R.D. Tata, cencelled in Mumbai, 9 March 2016.
Or participate to Postcrossing and receive cards from many countries that allow you to learn by reading a cancel.

Sunday 3 April: British success in Madrid, fear of collapse in London.
While Ian and John Billings reported on the new Intelligence AR stamp distributor (Post & Go) to be launch by Correos at a Madrid philatelic show late April, participants have been following the collapse of the share value of Stanley Gibbons since the group bought marketplace website BidStart.

The drop is so deep, many are afraid the catalogue and edition side of the British philatelic monument could be lost with the superfluous part of the ship. Hopefully the cameronite rats-captains would find a way to save themselves before that.

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