Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week #2016.16 and 17½ on SébPhilatélie

Wednesday 20 April: enveloppes from the French Southern and Antarctic Lands on sale in London.
In the May 2016 issue of Stamp Magazine and Gibbons Stamp Magazine, The Stamp Centre is proposing pack of covers cancelled in the districts of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF), a uninhabited - but for scientific bases or gendarme forces - overseas collectivity of France.

The Stamp Centre is located on the Strand, near Trafalgar Square, London.

Thursday 21 April: Long live the Queen!
In which country would a specially taken picture would constitute a perfect stamp issue?  No, don't try with Mr Sarkozy or Mr Hollande family lifes, please. (The Queen and her husband at the Windsor mail delivery office, picture published by South African newspaper The Citizen).
My commentary of the first day of celebration and the stamps on the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, by a French Republican desperate by how the Fifth Republic has been sunk by the current generations of French politicians and their leaders: the former and the current French Presidents and how they hate their own Prime Ministers.

And I finally get a King George VI British stamp!!!

Friday 22 April: French philatelic experts' offensives continue
The two main poles of the French philatelic expertise are continuing their offensive against falsification and the gullibility of stamp collectors.

Calves and Jacquart of Paris allied with collectible auction website Catawiki to organise an auction sale late May 29th, one week after Paris Philex stamp show. All lots will have a certificate of expertise.

Master Jean-François Brun, a modern media pioneer, and its allied philatelists continues to post index card explaining what to be aware of and study cases of some stamps and specialities. This April he proposed to study carefully postcards and stamps to avoid fraudulent cancellations on maximum cards.

Tuesday 26 April: How does a stamp show cost?
From the list of new issues and special minisheets by the French philatelic service, the imaginary thoughts of a fictional Director of Finances of Phil@poste: how can he make a profitable stamp show its service financed while it now lasts only 4 days instead of 10 and with suspicious clients...

At least, European Union mail of any weight should be franked with illustrated stamps for some months.

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