Monday, May 16, 2016

Second Postcrossing stamp for Russia

For a cross-country topic, go read the article on Mikhail Bulgakov on SebPhilatélie.

Let's find something gentle to say about Russia, whose pol... athl... gas prod... tigers?... landscapes... Artists!1

Yes! Russia, whose landscapes on postcards and artists are wonderful... especially with magic screensPostcrossing it is then!
The stamp, the second on this topic for Pochta Rossii (
The stamp with a surprising transport and housing design, plus an envelope "I love Postcrossing" (why not a postcard?), by I. Sidenko is the second for Russia on the blind exchanged postcard exchange website, launched 14 July 2005. A site where Russian postcrossers are the second most sending with soon 4 million card, while the leading German group is advancing towards 5 million.

Overall, since 2011, it is the 23rd of the topic.

The SebPhilately's Postcrossing Catalogue has been updated accordingly.

1: This little prank will give the same list for France: a government destroying the Labour Law, costly team sport players, too important nuclear energy... But the landscapes and the artists... Let's add the cheeses :)

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