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Week #2016.21 on SébPhilatélie and on the web

Monday 23 May: Frank Walton presents... Sierra Leone.
A huge collection was exhibited by Frank Walton, President of the Royal Philatelic Society London, on Thursday May 19th: non-members of the RPSL are introduced to it through a pdf file ; members can watch the collector filmed the stamp frames' presentations and enjoy the 578 frame ebook online!

Note that the pdf introduction includes a bibliography to help all collectors began the path to West Africa.

Monday again: cancel at the mail centre experimentation in Switzerland.
German speaking newspaper Blick wrote on the postmark collectors' worry of an experimentation by Swiss Post in the Canton of Solothurn. To be sure all mail is cancelled and to save clerck's time, all mail will be cancelled at the mail sorting centres - a method applied in France and the United Kingdom.

The worry is, like in France with the complete disappearance of illustrated flammes, that the illustrated datestamps of many Swiss post offices would no more be available on the demand of senders.

Tuesday 24 May: again a philatelist on Saint Pierre and Miquelon radio station!!!
Who is addicted to the other: the philatelists or the public TV/Radio channels of the French archipelago? Anyway, in Brumes de Capelans, Fabrice Fouchard, current President of the Club philatélique de Saint-Pierre, was invited to speak of his club's activities and projects of all scales and dimensions.
Poster promoting SPM presence at New York Stamp Show (Jean-Jacques Oliviéro for the Club philatélique de Saint-Pierre).
From the slow but decisive growth of the Club on the international philatelic scene to how its members wish to introduce the hobby to any inhabitants of the islands ; or to buy exhibit frames to, perhaps one day, own a Club house open to all.

Wednesday 25 May: First step in my Paris-Philex summary.
I spent a dozen hours or so at Paris-Philex in the scope of three days, adding some Parisian touristicallities outside philately. From my wrongs, I began a summary of this show because many comment on the speculative issues of the French philatelic service, some are completely happy with the shorter and more intimate version of the Federation's Paris show...

But no one comment publicly at lenghth on the philatelic competition, the most interesting part of the show and... the cause of it. I hope to succeed writing at least two articles on the exhibition soon.

Thursday 26 May: introduction to a definitive series of Algeria.
In Algerian newspaper El Watan's weekly chronicle - yes Algerian collectors still enjoy a weekly column in a national newspaper, Arslan Selmane continues to write on the stamps of Algeria since 1962. This week, the Views of Algeria before 1830 series issued 1982 and 1984 can entertain a specialist collector for a long time.

Thursday again: Paris-Philex, Federation President satisfied = Stamp Director must be VERY HAPPY!!!
The President of the French Philatelic Associations Federation posted a first illustrated summary of Paris-Philex : « in the opinion of all, it was a success »... I may not read the same websites or listened to the same people at the show... There were some defaults, perhaps with special unprogrammed speculative costly stamp issues?

But because our national patron and sponsor, the Director of the French philatelic service fulled his coffers: "it was a success" because there will be a Paris-Philex 2018.

If you go read the philatelic program of late May-June 2016, you could be mistaken and believe there are enough stamps to entertain the former 10 day Paris Stamp Show...

Friday 27 May: What am I missing in New York?
A little ballad on the New York 2016 Stamp Show website, particularly the pages listing the exhibited collections. Guests of this article: the five philatelists from Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

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