Thursday, June 02, 2016

Austria Post got Postcrossing... Warum?!!

Saturday May 21st, the Austrian Postcrossers celebrated the issue of the 24th stamp about the postcard exchange website.
A wall of bricks? (Austrian Post via the Postcrossing blog).
Artist Robert Sabolovic proposed a blurred wall of postcards. Ach! Contemporary art...

#24 (AUT #1) : issuedmis 21 March 2016 by Österreichische Post (Austria), value 0.80 euro. Design by Robert Sabolovic. Printed in offset by Joh. Enschedé Stamps B.V., run of 250 thousands stamps.

The SebPhilately's Postcrossing stamp catalogue always available on the 24 December 2015 up to date post.

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