Friday, February 29, 2008

Seb's Philatelic Season in London

I just come back from two days spent in London, with sight-seeing and shopping. My next messages will accordingly be about the British philately as I lived it in London. Including:
* my visit to Stanley Gibbons shop on the Strand,
* but to the little very interesting shop accross the same street;
* and one more to a real philatelic-only bookshop;
* the Stampex show, some impressions,
* and, my thoughts about the very-philatelic and little-postal stand of the Royal Mail;
* how do a "Post Office" look like to day in London;
* what do the British Library propose to philatelists;
* some bought stamps, a very little number compared to
* my bookshelf a little bit crowded after two days.

To the happiness of the reader.

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