Sunday, February 17, 2008

The West Indies Federation

This stamp of Trinidad and Tobago issued in 1958 is one of the last remains of the 4 living years of the West Indies Federation, when the United Kingdom tried to establish the independence of the British Caribbean under one State.

Finally, in 1961, by referendum, Jamaicans voted to quit the Federation. Part of their politician leaders were impatient to become independant. They disagree with the choice of the capital, then a United States military base. Probably, the island's wealth compared to the economy of more little islands may help the choice.

Quickly (officially adopted on January 1962), Trinidad and Tobago did no more support the project of Federation: the archipelago would have to furnish three quarter of its budget. Moreover, the little islands were afraid to become "little Tobagos".

The British parliament recreated in 1962 the last eight original colonies. Seven of them became independant at their own times. Montserrat and three dissociated territories of greater entities are still British overseas territories.

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