Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Vendôme again: how French stamps are made

After an artistic topical message this afternoon, I looked on Google for informations about the places you can see on the stamp. In an article of regional daily paper La Nouvelle République du Centre, the mayor and the deputy of Vendôme told how they fight to have their city on stamp.

Everything happened before 2006 and the final writing of the philatelic program for 2008. In the French government, the minister or the secretary responsible for the industry surveyed La Poste's activities. The French philatelic program is finally a decree.

The mayor (socialist) and the deputy (new-centrist... don't ask) reminded themselves of their letters to each minister of Posts, the constitution of a strong file to strike against the city whose mayors are higher-rank politician (like Évreux and then mayor Jean-Louis Debré, then President of the National Assembly, and now President of the Constitutional Council).

But, be assure that politic has nothing to do with stamp programming in France. The regional postman in chief told: Vendôme has a quality file and associated the 80 year old philatelic local association to the event. Ouf!

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