Friday, July 11, 2008

Holiday at last

I am back from my job-personal migration from Paris to a sunny region in Southern France. A second one late August will occur and a second pause of this blog.

While I was moving, some philatelic ideas came under my nose:
* in the national press, the French Senate has been promoting its European exhibitions by imitating stamp perforations ;
* fans of dated corner blocks hold up the philatelic counter in Montpellier. All sheets of Nicolas' sorrowfull Marianne are now without their date of print (don't forget to watch your clock if you want to buy stamps in your near-by counter while travelling in France).
* at the secondary counter in Maurin, commune of Lattes near Montpellier, concerning booklets, the clerk has got only one type of booklet: the ten stamp Holiday one. No our Highness the Omni-President's Marianne in the facility. And what will you have at disposal when entering your French post office during your stay in France?

The next article very soon now.

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