Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Simenon and philately

A research about the cover of novel will let me discover writer Georges Simenon.

Last edition cover of The Little Man from Archangel (Le Petit Homme d'Arkhangelsk,
from Le Livre de poche editor website), ISBN 9782253142782.

A summary on (be careful of intrigue spoilers) explains the role played by stamp collecting in the novel, and why a full set of stamps of the world is displayed on its cover. But it hints that this cover can be erroneous: no rare or expensive stamps in this lot, which any of us met one time or another during our collector's live.

The 1997 cover (, ISBN 978-2253142782.

In 1997, the Lady McLeod stamp was reproduced above a scene picturing the couple, heroes of the novel. This blue and white stamp was used in the middle of the 19th century to frank mail transported by the ship christened in honor of the British Governor of Trinitad's wife. The service carried mail between some harbors of this Caraibean island.

This stamp alone contrary to the new cover. After a reading of this novel, I will judge and propose a first prize for the best philatelic cover.

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