Sunday, July 05, 2009

Day of the Franks in Germany

No, our neighbours over the Rhine river do not have nostalgia about the currency of their past Mediterranean holidays, a currency that was happily ended with the euro. This nostalgia is far more older.

On this Sunday, July 5th 2009, and that since 2006, Franconia remembers its past as an imperial circle inside the Holy Roman Empire, from 1500 to 1806 and sinister warmonger Bonaparte. The circle encompassed the North of nowadays Bavaria.

A festival takes place each year and is the object of special datestamps and pictorial cancellations, as a quick Google serach shows. The one on my Postcrossing card is a little too light. It came from mail center #90 that sorts mail of the agglomeration of Nuremberg, inside the historical Franconia then.

For the German speaking readers, here is the official site of the Day of the Franks.

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