Friday, July 17, 2009

A modern postal museum

While in France through blog, twitter, ready-to-print articles for magazines, a first day of sale in September 2009, etc., La Poste's museum in Paris (on the right avenue when you face the Montparnasse Tower) advertised on how many things happen there, how modern the institution is, etc...

...the National Postal Museum in Washington proves it!

Born 1993 of the Smithonian Institution already collecting philatelics since 1886 and of the United States Postal Service, the National Postal Museum possesses a rich website, including Arago, a marvellous database full of documents and intels on the philatelic and postal history of the United States.

It is not enough! The museum entertained a channel on YouTube with forty-eight videos from pictures of the postal services in 1903 to the mail incoming on World War Two soldiers, through academic conferences (oh! the Royal Philatelic Collection by its Curator Michael Sefi) and, even, the answer to the greatest question of all:

why were postage stamps created?

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