Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ascending topical collection followed Abbot Pierre's death

Abbot Pierre (1912-2007) was an important voice in France, having call the need to help the poorest and homeless people. From his death in 2007, he quickly became the subject of topical philately. A fact that certainly origins from his Foundation's need of donation and from La Poste's need to promote its spam-mail and stamp printing expertises.

Detail of the roofs and chimneys under which one is in the warm,
the main goal of Abbot Pierre's fight.
Notice the ondulating stamp separation,
proof that this stamp is autoadhesive and not the gummed version
(design from photograph and engraving: Claude Andréotto).

With the help of Google, I retrieved Dominique's Blog philatélie articles on Abbot Pierre's recent philatelic career.

21 June 2008 : the Foundation ordered MonTimbraMoi stamps, the French personalised stamps. The idea is known of firms, their public relation offices and of La Poste: stamp = human sending = I open the spam that I used to throw directly in the garbage = more receivers are going to answer.

7 October 2008 : same stamp, it seems, but the personalised stamp expert can see an IDtimbre, the personalised service aimed at firms and companies. Here in an offset version for 150000+ stamps. Spring test was efficient.

23 December 2008 : let's try to illustrate a stationery. The stamps are expensive though = back to the less sexy Destineo service markings + illustration à la stamp = same effect than before with some money saved.

17 June 2009 : certainly the Foundation and La Poste noticed that the philatelic pond was eagerly (in all the senses of that word) watching the experiments. Let's be compensationate with the frogs: creation of a IDtimbre collector. A minisheet of four of those personalised stamps to be sold to collectors and donators.

26 September 2009 : the Foundation being such a good client (and to be more profitable), let's make a personalised stamp in a unexpected rate (Destineo 35 grams) printed in only one step against two for the other personalisations (the legal mentions, then the picture ordered).

12 December 2009 : there must be a philatelist at the Foundation. Cinderellas on covers were created to distribute the pamphlet in streets, mail boxes and car windows.

Fondation Abbé Pierre used every stamp it can
to promote its goals
(thank you Laurence for your garbage).

26 January 2010 : no more order (or offering) of personalised stamps because the State and Phil@poste issued a φ-stamp - or "gummed commemorative" in old-philatelic language. But the client is King: autoadhesive being more useful for the Foundation's volunteers.

And there are the covers before 2008 with their illustrations and mottos, the stationery-for-answer, etc.

And as every collection must have its precursors, here, look for a 1994 Uruguay stamp.

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