Sunday, February 14, 2010

From the bad survey to the successful sales

Happy Tigger Year. A complex topic for Canada Post.
Nothing better under my nose (

In its winter catalog Collections, Canada Post released the results of the annual 2008 stamp survey. Three thousands and three hundreds answers who put the shame on the Chinese New Year issue (the Rat that year).

13.5% found the Rat stamps one the least beautiful (they were severe compared to the new ones) and 36.8% thought it was one of the least relevant to be issued by the Canadian postal company after the Francophony Summit...

Consequently, Canada Post stopped... ???... continued the issue with this year's Tiger.

Consequently, I was thinking that they were issuing those stamps by simple charity for Asian Canadians wanting to send their wish with a special stamp.

My bad: the Spring Collection announced that the Tiger Year corner blocks are already reaching the sold out.

Question 1: who answer the annual survey? Question 2: are they consistent the year after?

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