Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Major philatelic association quits French Federation

In the French philatelic pond, there is some turmoil whereas every one thought that the Great Charter of the Philately and the appearance of the golden cypher on the commemorative stamps were announcing great times of happiness.

The Union marcophile, one of French main topical associations (contrary to the numerous geographical ones), is going to resign the French Philatelic Associations Federation. The conflict began with a confidence problem on where the UM could be host. It finished in a mail consultation last January: 80% of the members who answered agreed with leaving.

It restarts, here and there, once again, the unending debate on the role of the Federation when La Poste controlled all main philatelic debate, especially when selling stamps is the topic.

Which consequences of UM leaving FFAP?

A thousand of members times some euros of federal stamps... the Federal treasurer will announced at the next Congress in June 2010 how many stamp souvenirs the federated associations must sell to compensate.

Little effects for the UM members individually: they are members of other associations and will have a federal stamp to participate in official exhibition. That seems to be the main motivation to keep in an association.

Maybe Marcophilex, UM annual exhibition, will be more difficult to organise without the financial and jury help of the Federation and its postal partners?

I stand very far of these association topics, but it seems to me that the relations between individual members, federated associations and the national federation are not conflictuous in the United Kingdom or the United States (and in the latter case, money use is very surveyed by members).

Another country, another more understood and useful role for the federation?

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