Monday, February 01, 2016

Cancel in French from Belarus

A little postcard corner from a Postcrossing member. Thank you Elena.
A cancel in latin alphabet and in French.
The stamp marks the sixtieth anniversary of Belarus entry in the Unesco ; Let's remind that in the Sovietic fiction, the Socialist Sovietic Republics of Belarus and Ukraine were independent states, founding members of the Organisation of the United Nations.

The cancel in French is known, see the French Blog timbré de ma philatélie on June 23rd 2014. It would be interesting to compare with a cancel on a Belarus sent to Belarus.

In a country whose population writes in cyrillic alphabet, this mark in latin alphabet with the French name of a "Departement de prestation de services" (missing an accent on the first é), is surely to respect the Universal Postal Union's directive on international mail.

But what is this administrative service? The one in charge of sending and receiving mail from foreign countries? Of the necessary accounting?

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