Saturday, February 27, 2016

French cartoonist and the fun of sending postcards

This week, French teacher-cartoonist Fabrice Erre published postcards of his Winter holidays on his blog A year in highschool, a pre-publication of his "survival guides in teaching environment".

Stamps and postmarks from the three first comics (courtesy of the artist - thank you).
Because of the svhool holiday period in zone C, the high school teacher is exploring the world to work on his history and geography lessons: snowy mountains on Tuesday 23rd, in South Sea islands on Wednesday 24th, Asian ancient temples on Thursday 25th, the Moon on Friday 26th - where will he go to until class restarts on the 29th???1

Even if the frankings are fanciful, they constitute a perfect weekend quiz: enjoy! Especially the space topical collector would enjoy the fourth card and postage from the Moon.

Just a note of happiness: my Lattes city collection is becoming an open class collection thank to a distribution office cancel on a Princess Elisabeth stamp of New Zealand.

I'll help you with the play-on-words in French.

1: "Jamais trop de ski !" "Comme disait Staline !": Never enough skiing / like Stalin said.
Hint: who's behind "trop de ski" pronunciation in French ("p" is mute here)?

2: "Les îles, vous n'en reviendrez pas !" "Comme disait Napoléon !": Islands, you'll never come back (from there  = double sens like in English) / like Napoléon said.
Hint: Twice sent he was, only once he came back.

3: "Angkor, Angkor" "Comme disait Francis !": Angkor, Angkor (pronunce it with a mute letter), like Francis (Cabrel) said.
Hint: every French and Quebecian can hum it since 1985.

4: "D'ici, je vois ta maison !" "Comme Neil disait à Buzz !": From here I see your house / Like Neil told Buzz.
Hint: you really need one?!

Let's work!

1: Not very far in the end.

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