Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week #2016.06 on SébPhilatélie

A multi-topic week on the French side of the blog.

Tuesday February 9th: Day dreaming watching Stampex flyers.
Since Autumn 2015 Stampex I decided to collect The Philatelic Traders Society's 60 year old stamp shows in London.
Not stamps, not personalised label se-tenant, but marvellous (The Philatelic Traders Society).
You can find them thrown into British philatelic monthlies (when they arrive... February issue of Gibbons Stamp Monthly still travelling).

Friday February 12th: the French postmen get a bashing through light working journalists.
On Thursday, one minority way of working in the French post centers was the center of a mediatic hate news: they were accused of "leaving as soon as finished", hence having dangerous behaviors on the roads and against the quality of service.

It was all that these journalist morons get from a full report by the French Accounting Court's annual reports on how institutions, public firms and elected politicians managed the public money... For example how former Presidents and Prime Ministers still running for offices are costly.

Hopefully an economic journalist (or an intern I bet) at conservative-liberal Le Figaro succeed to summarize the report: postmen and postwomen were acknowledged their effort facing the downsize of sent mail. What the Court wonders is if La Poste's current diversification into social services (watch elderly mainly, help with new technology) can offer enough profits to pay the current workforce anyway.

Saturday February 13th: the Adelaide continuing Emergency Issue party explained to the French.
A longer and illustrated report on the past week discoveries about the Adelaide emergency issue of early January 2016. And me impatiently waiting for the dust to settle and some writer to produce the book of it. Article in English over here or live on

Sunday February 14th: Max Stern, stamp dealer of Melbourn, passed away.
An extended biography of the Melbourne philatelic community pillar for the French readers' knowledge. Summarized here in English or read Max Stern & Compagny "About us" page and the Australian Philatelic Federation's 2001 fellowship to Mr. Stern for more.

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