Sunday, April 29, 2007

Google News

In the "Chronique de Socrate" of May 2007, a monthly opinion article published in Timbres magazine (readable on their site, in the "Lire" section), the author appreciate the vigor of philately on the web. He searched the words "timbre" and "stamps" on Google. I frequently used Google News to find press articles on philately, and I smiled when I read this text : if only these millions pages were philatelic.

This sunday morning, I look for "stamps" on the English-speaking Google News. If the recent Star Wars issue by the US Post makes the big titles, I quickly discover that the US media are interessed in the life and eatings of the governor of Oregon. And not because he is a known philatelic activist.

Ted Kulongoski is opposed to a project of the Bush administration to reduce the importance of food stamps. Nothing philatelic with teeth and mail in this topic : these are to help poor families to buy food. And if this week, the governor beats the Force out of stamped Jedis, it's because he has lived like a person with no ressource receiving 21 dollars of food stamps for the week, the average help received in the Oregon state.

Less political, English written press articles are often about the tax you have to pay on official papers when you buy a house, for example. In French, this double meaning of the word "stamp/timbre" exists.

So, even if these millions pages found by Socrate chronicler are not philatelic, they permit to discover the world.

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