Saturday, April 21, 2007

Let's vote !

First round of the presidential election in France, this Sunday 22th of April 2007 :

Upper part of the first page of a French elector's card.

I advice you these articles in French from TimbresPhospho postally linked to this event :
* about the sending of the elector's card, with specific cover, postal marks and, in the past, very low value stamps,
* about the big cover containing the candidates' programs, whose preparations give temporary work to students and workless citizens, and more work to postmen and women (this year, 44 508 024 citizens have to receive it on the week preceding the vote),
* and the (posthumous) big achievement : the issue of commemorative stamps for the président de la République's anniversaries by the French post. TimbresPhospho concentrates on the 5th Republic presidents since they have more powers than those of the 3rd and 4th Republic.

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