Sunday, April 01, 2007

Copa del Rey de baloncesto on Spanish machine stamps

While in my France, machine stamps are often the same (pale) blue-yellow kinds, the Spanish Correos has generalized illustrated stamp machines. It even has got a philatelic program : see the etiquetas issued since 1997 on the Correos' site.
This two etiquetas used at a post office desk (since printed with the date of use) used the same illustrations about the Copa del Rey of basket-ball. I found them already separated, but at the same stamp dealer in the passage des Panoramas.

Dated on the same day (27 March 2000), they must have been used on the same letter (I wish I could have in its entire... snif). They franked a 17 gramms recorded letter, certainly from Spain to France : 705 pesetas for the expeditor (nowadays 4,24 € at the final official pesetas/euros rates).

Thanks to those who can tell me in which towns I can find the churches visible in the background ?

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