Thursday, April 05, 2007

New Zealand's new postal tarriffs

On The Stamp Collecting Round-Up, Don Schilling wrote about the June postal tarriffs increase in New Zealand. After the 2004 0,40 dollar became 0,45, five cents more in two months : 50 cents for the ordinary letter.

The New Zealand Herald reader's reactions are full of angryness againt this inflation (like anywhere else in the world in this sort of case).

Formally, I remark that the next-to-be 50 cents for a letter in New Zealand is equivalent to 0,27 € thank to convertor. Half the price of the French post for a 20 gramms letter inside the country.

But, a remark from the Herald's readers make me look at numismatic pages (particularly an article of the Wikipédia in English) : the 5 cent coins were demonetised in 2006. So, it is some months that, in New Zealand :
* either the public has been giving up 5 cents to the post office at each buy of one stamp,
* either the post gave up this 5 cents,
* or both parties agreed to buy/sell enough stamps to make the total price at an giveable amount of existing coins.

Anyway, the NZ post found definitively a solution to that next June 2007.

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