Saturday, January 24, 2009

Does Canada Post want me as client?

When work keeps one busy and that days got only twenty-four hours, messages on the blog are less numerous :(

When a postal operator made difficult one philatelic order grrrrrrr...

You understand that Canada Post/Postes Canada are disappointing me for some weeks.

First, to have an account in order to order on their website. Pseudonym, password, postal and bank coordinates, are you saying? Too easy! With them, you first wait two days to receive a password after they checked your subscription demand. No first spontaneous order then.

Secondly, a one only and clear website, easy to navigate, and where you find quickly everything you are looking for. Like the French Boutique du timbre? Too much easy! They made two sites, the second being exhaustive, long to upload and difficult to browse. Aiguille et bottes de foin.

There is at least the paper order thank to the philatelic bulletin. That's how I avoid the credit card payment problem on Royal Mail website, for exemple. Are you kidding! This week, I receive - finally - a print-for-all letter: no money on my client account. After I find lonely the right codes, the right prices and fill all requested intels to pay with my credit card. Result: O.

A new client is now lost for Canada Post. An advice: go made a visit to Amazon, Phil@poste,... If you want clients, you go search them, not put obstacles in their way.

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