Saturday, January 03, 2009

Old booklets now

A new philatelic book received, the one about the first stamps of La Réunion island. Again, the old stock of stamps served to frank.

At Brun Philatélie's, the semi-postal booklets are used now. Twenty years old! My first philatelic year. Even if 1989 was my first complete year of France collected, followed by four others.

Ten 2.20 franc stamps = 22 francs or 3.35 euros. The 60 centimes given to the Red Cross with each stamps can not count as postage. If postal services committed this error, there were 28 francs worth on the letter (4.27 euros). Rate is not easy to find, prioritary letter: too much for 500-1000 grams (2.97 euros), not enough for one kilogram and more (3.85 euros, but to accept the charity as postage...).

I should have order a letter scale for Christmas. Compared to a one litre bottle of water, in a 20°C room, I sent La Poste received a gift of 38 eurocents [or La Poste lost 3.35 euros philatelic sale being use on mail that has to be treated, sent, distributed,...].

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