Sunday, January 25, 2009

One loudly little centime here, more silent centimes there

Read on the "News" page at Timbres magazine's website, some new postal rates to be implemented on 2 March 2009. Among them, some La Poste did not speak about one week ago.

Remember (1 or read again French Muggle press): a very little rise. Just one centime per stamp (Muggle journalists had not yet understand the difference between the stamp and the postage it represents). Less than one euro per family per year.

But, like News du Phospho showed last year, you must wait and see the other rates. Then, you discover how the postal operator will compensate the limited rise on the interior rates.

With Timbres magazine, we understand that the European Union (zone 1) postal rates will due: plus five cents again.

Let's purchase non-denominated blue stamps for Europe! (if you did not do it last year)

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