Thursday, January 01, 2009

... France January 2009

Midnight, New Year's Day was not a week old that France's philatelic program regains its pace. First day of sale on Sunday 4th in Coupvray with nationwide sale on the morrow.

Two classical designs for the first two commemoratives stamps: the person honored and one significant object/scenes of his life. 200 years of the birth of Louis Braille with an object that permits to perforate words in braille. The castle of Angers for the 500th anniversary of René, Duke of Anjou, Count of Provence and short King of Naples.

Threee annual issues come back. For Valentine's Day, only one design for two values and a haute-couture name right in the middle of it. For the Chinese New Year, artist Zhongyao Li is now a sure bet.

Surprisingly, I find the adhesive artistic booklet has got a soul this year. Is that because of the images rarely put on stamps and illustrating craft? Is the design around the pictures created by Patte & Besset designer duo? Even if the postal mentions continue to be "invisible", the Ministry of Magic made the title-label disappear to avoid new incidents in the Muggle population.

The official nomenclature, inspired by the States-Generals of the Philately, the grand achievement of our Omni-President, knows some kwaks: between "official stamps" gummed with a face value and "franking stamps" autoadhesive with postal use value, where do we put the Chinese New Year issue that is gummed but with a "Prioritary Letter 20 grams" value? And the gummed stamps of Valentine's issued among adhesive ones? I am waiting the solution that will propose the President of the French Stamp Dealer's Union (CNEP), a big fan of this nomenclature.

At least, with this last issue, every client of La Poste can find his/her wish: one stamp for one big occasion, twelve stamp booklets for a lot of Valentine's around the country (or a buy cooperation of the high school lovers club?), sheet of thirty adhesive for a daily writer in love suffering of love dehydration, etc. With a 50 gram version for collage and heavy card.

And, because love is worth three cents, even lovers of the world will receive their Valentine's from France.

For pictures, please wait that the French post declare its stamps to the WADP Numbering System.

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